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Harry Potter Book Titles We'd Like To See

Upon reflection with my friends Michael and Liesl Downey that the last Harry Potter book ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows") has a rather disappointing name:

Harry Potter and the Apocalypse

Harry Potter and the Bearded Lizard.... Dragon

Harry Potter and the Tumbly Wumbly Snazzleberry

Harry Potter and Boobs

Harry Potter BOOZE!

Harry Potter and the Itemized Deduction Form 7-B

Harry Potter and a Pound of Bacon

Harry Potter and the Weapons of Mass Destruction

Harry Potter and a Cobra Wrapped Around a Budweiser

Harry Potter and the Lost Luggage

Harry Potter and the Plan of Salvation

Harry Potter on a Hot Tin Roof

Harry Potter and the Missing Prostate

Harry Potter Go To Space!

Harry Potter and the Cat

Harry Potter and the World AIDS Crisis

The Coolest Guy On Earth

You know those times where you ever sit and think, "Man, everybody I know really sucks. Someplace somewhere there has got to be somebody so completely awesome that it literally would blow my socks off and make milk come out my nose just to be near him." Yeah, I hear you. We all feel that way sometimes. Well, not me. I know that guy. He's my best friend.

He is a man of many names. Master of a Thousand Voices. King of Random Hats. The Golden Prince of Cheese. Lord of Catan. Kingpin of Kool-Aid. Viceroy of Vice. Grand Chancellor of Wild. Prime Minister of Pie. Savant of Nerdy Trivia. Impromptu Film Director. Emperor of the Eclectic. Avatar of Apple Martinis. Friend of Beasts. Duke of the Dance Floor. Protector of Awkward Comedy of Days Gone By.

He is always there for you, with a smile, a laugh, or a drunken kiss, whatever the need may be. His door and his heart are always open, and he'll always let you pet his dog, sleep on his couch, or flirt with his wife. He is kind a…

Spring Break Travel Woes

My stories from this spring break are too numerous to tell here. I'll not bother to explain how I found myself stuck in Atlanta, Georgia for longer than anticipated, or tell you about bleeding all over myself some thirty thousand feet above what I think must have been Pennsylvania, or about how I wound up mostly naked in the back of a rented mini-van somewhere in New Jersey. These are all stories you'll have to get from me in person. Let's just say this: despite a week of warm weather, the northwest (including Newark International Airport) was suddenly visited by a horrible sleet storm on Friday, when a whole host of people (including yours truly) were supposed to be flying out that day. Here's a record of my woes:

10:00 AM, Friday, March 16
I arrive at the Newark Airport with plenty of time to spare. This morning on the news they said the weather was going to get bad and that there would probably be delays and cancellations, but not until later this afternoon. I can onl…

Twelfth Night Pictures

Here's some pictures from my latest production, Twelfth Night. You can see more here .