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Pictures from my Solo Show

As I mentioned briefly in my last post, I had the distinct opportunity to create a solo performance and bring it to life. Here are some pictures from my show, "David & Jonathan":

Thoughts as Grad School Winds Down

My, this blog is certainly dusty. Anybody here? Hello? I really need to clean this place up. Maybe a change of curtains and a loveseat in the corner would make me want to be around the blog more often.

We are nearing the end of my second year of graduate school, and hasn't the time just flown by. I played Romeo, wrote and performed a one-man show, and now I'm in a play set in 17th century France in which I hide for an entire act in a very small harpsichord. Fun stuff.

It's looking like I'll stay here in Columbia for the summer and most of the fall. At some point around December I'll head up to Virginia to work for a regional theater as an intern. I'll play Romeo again in a touring, up-to-date, totally hip production that tours to high schools. And then I'll be graduated! Time really has gone by quickly. Not sure when I'll be back in Utah, but I miss all my friends and relations terribly.

Oh, and one other thought: that thing you've always wanted to …