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OMG 8 Disney Princesses Re-imagined as Guys Named Steve!!

8 Disney Princesses Re-imagined as Guys Named Steve You won't believe #6!! ZOMG you guys this is so cool! Some guy on the internet re-imagined all your favorite Disney princesses as guys named Steve, and the results are amazing!!! You'll never look at Disney princesses the same way again!

Cinderella was a Disney princess from the Disney movie "Cinderella," in which she is the princess. I've always wanted to know what she'd look like if she was a guy named Steve -- and now we know:

#2 - BELLE

 Remember Belle? She was a princess in a Disney movie so you love her more than life itself, right? Well prepare to have your MIND BLOW when you see her as a Steve!!

#3 - ARIEL
Ariel's dream comes true when she becomes part of Steve's world!