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A Survey I Filled Out Today

Every now and then I get e-mailed a random survey to fill out, which usually takes only a few minutes. The one I got today wanted me to actually write something down in answer to almost every question, which I thought was annoying. I was having a bad day at work too. So here's what they got:

We are interested in your feedback on an innovative new product.

Introducing PERFECT MEATLOAF - Tender, Juicy, Pefect Meatloaf!


Stop letting your meatloaf soaking in fat and getting mushy!

Introducing PERFECT MEATLOAF, the specially designed pan includes an air bake lifting tray that allows for fat to drain to the bottom of the pan.

Not just for meatloaf, the pan is great for roasted pork, stuffed peppers, and so much more!

Take The Below Survey:
1. Would you personally BUY the PERFECT MEATLOAF PAN?
Please explain why below:
I don't often prepare meatloaf, though in general I do enjoy a good meatloaf despite the fact that my mother, bless her he…