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Progress Letter

This is for those people who ask me "How is grad school going?" Well, here's the clearest and most detailed answer I have so far:

"This letter is to summarize our December discussion regarding your work in your first semester. It includes comments from all of your major professors and comments from the MFA faculty meeting that took place at the end of the fall semester.

The faculty agreed that although you came to the program with less formal training than most students, your hard work and strong desire to learn and grow has helped you to make real leaps in your training. You possess a fresh, open quality and do not possess a lot of bad habits. It was noted that you are an intelligent actor and that your sensitivity and emotional accessibility are aided, not hindered, by your keen intellect. Your work at being more fully present in the moment and successfully connecting with other actors is progressing nicely. You need to continue to take risks in your work and embrac…