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Head Shots Opinion Poll

In keeping with the general theme of complete egocentricity and self-absorbedness on this blog, I now present to you a selection of nine pictures of my face. I went to a photo shoot yesterday morning, because I need head shots in order to become the fabulously wealthy and successful actor I was born to be. I picked out these nine as the best of the 100 or so shots she took, and now I present them to you for your opinion. The photographer recommended that I show them to my friends and relatives who know me best. Apparently, the person in the picture would naturally pick out the ones that they feel are most flattering, rather than the ones that best represent their actual looks and personality. That is your charge, my friends: peruse the photos and then post a comment under the ones that you think are the best based on those criteria. You can vote for no more than two! As always, I value your frank and honest opinion. Good luck!


Anonymous said…
Numba 3 and "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9."
Star said…
oh what an arduous task ;)
The Bard said…
FYI - I chose number 1 and 6, though I like many of the others and will possibly use them but I chose to have those two touched up by the photographer. Thanks for all your opinions!
Matt, as the person who has likely known you longer out of all 7 of your readers, I feel it is my duty to tell you how much you remind me of Jim from the American Pie Movies. But just in these 9 pictures. You know in real life, around 10 years ago, you resembled Steve, from Blues Clues. Just thought I'd put in my two cents. Honestly Matt, and this goes way back to 7th grade, so think hard....In the words of the ever so Bill-Cosbyish Band Teacher Bill Baxter, "Of all the people I know, you're one of them."

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